Launching our "Men's health Champions" - men and women, from all walks
of life, across the nation, who are passionate about advocating for
better men's health. They have been overwhelmed by the support shown to
our mission at Manah Wellness.

The time for Men’s Health is NOW. Join us in welcoming Dr. Athira, Dr
Vikram Venkateswaran, Dimple W., Ravi Kumar, Laksmi R.,Ritu Soni
Srivastava, Shankar Venugopal, Snigdha Mishra and John Victor as our
inaugural batch of Men's Health Champions

They will:
- Be a champion for men's health in their communities
- Host or help create a safe space for men to come together and discuss
issues which are important for their wellbeing
- Be the advocate for men's health as part of our larger network to
influence policy
We hope to to create a structure which allows all of us to connect,
collaborate and catalyse our mission. YOU can be a Men's Health Champion
too. Just reach out to us at

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